sobota, 15 maja 2010

Dan White

Hear ye, hear ye! Sir Dan White - who has appeared in NBC #1 and NBC #2 - has just opened shop section on his blog-site At this moment noble people from all round the world can order "TERMINUS BOOK 1: RABBIT SEASON, DUCK SEASON" and "ZIP CITY COMICS no.1" - and since I already bought them, I recommend them highly.

Dan White, który wystąpił w zarówno NBC #1 jak i NBC #2, otworzył sklepik sklepik na swojej stronie W tej chwili zakupić można dwa tytuły: "TERMINUS BOOK 1: RABBIT SEASON, DUCK SEASON" and "ZIP CITY COMICS no.1" Obydwie książeczki już zakupiłem i szczerze je polecam.


czwartek, 13 maja 2010


Another review of NBC #2 can found be here. This time the lucky reviewer was John Freeman from

Kolejną recenzję angielskojęzycznej edycji NBC #2 można przeczytać tutaj. Szczęśliwym recenzentem okazał się John Freeman z


czwartek, 6 maja 2010

Help Lil!

Here's our chance to do something right for a change. Paul O'Connell and Lawrence Elwick known from many great strips (including 'Charlie Parker the Handyman') are working on a series of books featuring Lil - a little girl who is one of the most interesting and fresh comics characters in last few years.

Paul and Lawrence already crated the first of the book, but they need your help to create the next ones without starving themselves to death. So if you have a few spare bucks or quids or a rich uncle, please support Lil's journeys through Kickstarter campaign.

To learn more about Lil's world and the Lil's Kickstarter campaign check out I'm sure you'll discover that there's plenty of Lil in you too...


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