piątek, 26 marca 2010

The Comics Journal

Yessiree... Gavin Lees has reviewed "New British Comics #2" in The Comics Journal. Yessiree...

Gavin Lees zrecenzował "New British Comics #2" w angielskojęzycznym periodyku The Comics Journal.


środa, 17 marca 2010

PL Online

Quite often people from outside Poland ask me about Polish comics. Well, to be more specific they ask me for Polish comics available online and in English. So, due to popular demand, I decided to put a few links here:

1. Deadly funny Bears of Wars.
2. Amazing, outstanding and incredible silent chapter of a graphic novel Smiercionosni created by Lukasz Rylko. (Don't know how to translate the title... 'Death Carriers'? 'Pestilences' created from a word pestilence? Anyway, the strip is brilliant).
3. A not-so-short but very-very-great story (17 pages) called The puppets created by Krzysztof Wyrzykowski.
4. Mikropolis. The best of the best of the best. I hope guys will put some strips in English on the site soon!

Also, it's definitely worth to check out blogs of two NBC contributors: Pawel Gierczak and Jacek Zabawa!

Enjoy, more links soon!


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