niedziela, 21 grudnia 2014

Cindy and Biscuit: Collected

After fourth issue of Cindy and Biscuit Dan White got a bit quiet, but now he has returned. In style.

I already have got my copy, and I urge you to get one for yourself while stock last (limited to 100 copies!). Inside, you'll find all the Cindy and Biscuit adventures (including the colour ones) released to date, plus some new pages.

The book is highly recommended, however I'd think twice if you plan to buy it as a present for your nephew or niece. They might start watching out for the woods.

Cindy and Biscuit: Vol 1: We Love Trouble can be bought from Milk The Cat shop.


środa, 4 czerwca 2014

HOAX Psychosis Blues

I'm not really sure about my choice of words for such vast yet delicate topic. I can say with no doubt that HOAX is a very special project. Special and personal for its creator Ravi Thornton.

You see, HOAX is both a graphic novel titled Hoax, Psychosis Blues and a "dark musical" titled Hoax, My Lonely Heart but the two don't mimic each other. The events of the graphic novel are set after the events of the musical. Both are based on a poem, titled the same, written by Ravi's younger brother Rob who have struggled for the much of his life with schizophrenia, until his tragic death in 2008.

When it comes to the book's art, there's plenty of familiar names in there: Hannah Berry, Karrie Fransman, Leonardo M. Giron, Julian Hanshaw, Rozi Hathaway, Rian Hughes, Ian Jones, Jade Moss, Mark Stafford and Bryan Talbot. I had a chance of reading the whole book and I can assure you that art is amazing. And so is the story. It makes you think and realize that despite hard times we live in we're indeed very lucky, and how hard it is for people affected with mental illnesses and their families.

You can order the book from this website. The print run is limited to 1000 copies and sales will support mental health charities. Hoax, My Lonely Heart is showing from 4th to 7th June 2014, at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, more information can be found here.


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