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Reviews, mentions...

A few reviews and mentions from the net. All NBC #3 related.

Ziniol (PL)


środa, 4 kwietnia 2012

Where's North From Here?

David Z. Greene has set up a fundraising campaign to raise the funds for printing, promotion and distribution to the shops of his newest book. I've just put down my order for the book, and I hope you'll take a minute of your time to check his pitch and animated preview.

It’s my ‘second difficult album’ of collected short stories.
'Where's North From Here?' is another 70 page dish of short, stupid stories featuring stolen records, table tennis, Mexican gods, massages, wrestling, a daft punk and more.
Goats, booze, suspense, heartache, laughter, goose-pimples, sweaty palms, running nose and deep cerebral stimulation are also guaranteed.

As for the quality of the work in the book, all I can say is it will be the single most greatest publication known to mankind since ‘Building Self-Confidence for Dummies’.

My previous book ‘Swimming With Shoes On’ seemed to be enjoyed but pretty much most people who wanted to throw me their opinion. It received great reviews, warranted a French publication and sold out of 4 print runs.
(A 5th printing is on it’s way.)

There’s different ways to contribute with some extra bits too. But it could just take £7 ($11) to help.
If you can help in anyway by pre-ordering the book or even spreading this news over the web, I would be forever grateful.
Please have a look here and see what you think....


niedziela, 25 marca 2012

Constantine and Hi-Ex

New British Comics and Polygobooks (the "label" under which NBC is published) will be present at Hi-Ex in Inverness (31st March and 1st April 2012). On our table, shared with Braw Books, you will find not only all previous issues of New British Comics, but also brand new mini-comic "Constantine Comes Back Home" created by Katarzyna Witerscheim. Plus, we gonna have copies of "Harbor Moon" signed by its creator, Ryan Colucci!

"Constantine Comes Back Home" is a "The Best of" collection of an eponymous webcomic created by Katarzyna "Miss N." Witerscheim, and has been published in 2005-2009. The story, put together as a series of loosely linked episodes, contains everyday adventures of the main character and the people he meets on his life’s path. A bit naive, a little sad, full of hope nonetheless.

Constantine Comes Back Home
by Katarzyna Witerscheim
24 pages, b/w interiors


sobota, 10 marca 2012


A message from Sean Michael Wilson.

We now have a lovely KICKSTARTER drive up and running, for our documentary style graphic novel - PARECOMIC. Its a 200 page graphic novel we are working on now and very much enjoying, but need a bit of funding support on.

'Parecomic: Michael Albert and the Story of Participatory Economics' by Sean Michael Wilson and Carl Thompson, with an introduction by Noam Chomsky.

"...a graphic novel about something that affects us all: the system we live in - what's wrong with it, and how we might be able change it for the better! The recent upsurge in popular protest in the USA and around the world shows that people are not happy with the state of things. The Occupy movements show us that many people would prefer a better system, a model that will work for the 99%, not just the 1%."

So, please go and have a look at the info and video there, and pledge some funding support if you like the PARECOMIC project. The money is only a PLEDGE at first, it does not get taken out of your account now, its taken out about 2 months later, if the total target money is made. To pledge you just select an amount from the choices on the right side, and it processes it via amazon: kickstarter.com/projects/471898784/parecomic-a-documentary-graphic-novel


poniedziałek, 20 lutego 2012

New British Comics #3 PL

It's finally here! In polish, online, on Issuu!

NBC #3 po polsku nadeszło! Całość antologii można przeczytać online (lub ściągnąć jako pdf) na Issuu! W środku komiksy następujących twórców: Dan White, Lawrence Elwick & Paul O'Connell, John Miers, Matthew Craig & Richard Johnson, Dave Thomson, Craig Collins & Iain Lauire, Rob Miller, Wilbur Dawbarn, Van Nim, David Ziggy Greene, WJC.

Na tę chwilę trzecia część antologii jest dostępna po polsku wyłącznie online.


piątek, 17 lutego 2012


And here we go!

Contest #1

Name all the characters (animals too!) which appear on the cover of NBC #3.

Answer(s): Charlie Parker, Mary Poppins, Charlie Chaplin, Alfred
Hitchock, Dormouse from 'Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, the seagull and the peach from Roald Dahl's 'James and The giant peach'.

The question proved to be rather hard. Nobody guessed all the names, and "The seagull and the peach" appeared to be the toughest to get. Nonetheless we picked the winner with biggest 'score': Daniel Farrell! Congratulations Daniel!

Contest #2

Take a look on the NBC #3 cover again. All of the characters there have British roots. All but one. Can you tell which?

Answer: Charlie Parker.

This was the easier contest, nobody has sent a wrong answer. So we had to draw a winner and his name is... Dickon Harris! Congratulations!

Thank you all for taking part in the contest!


wtorek, 7 lutego 2012


I have to go into the wild for a few days, and probably won't have any internet connection, so I think it would be a good idea to postpone the grand finale of the contest till 13th of February. Sorry!


wtorek, 24 stycznia 2012

Double contest!

We're very pleased to announce a double NBC contest. Yes, that's right, two contests mean you got two chances to win a copy of "New British Comics #3" with special drawn dedication from Lawrence Elwick who made the cover of the anthology.

The winner of each contest will receive a copy of NBC #3, and if he/she/it sends a picture themselves Lawrence will do a picture of them inside the book. You can also request a picture with one of the characters from the book which Lawrence co-created with Paul O'Connell.

Ready? Let's start! First, you need to take a look on the cover of NBC #3.

NBC #3 cover - please click to view the large version

Contest #1

Name all the characters (animals too!) which appear on the cover of NBC #3.

There's not that many of them, so the winner will be drawn from a group which has provided list of all characters, or a person drawn from a group which sends the highest number of correct names.

Contest #2

Take a look on the NBC #3 cover again. All of the characters there have British roots. All but one. Can you tell which?

Again, the winner will be drawn from all correct answers.

Please send answers to karolwisnia@gmail.com with "NBC #3 contest" as a subject. The contests will close on the 7th of February 2012. Please note that you can participate in both contests (or just one if that's your wish), but you can have only entry each.

Good luck!


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