wtorek, 19 kwietnia 2011

NBC #3!

Let's make if official. NBC #3 is out, and I'm damn proud of this book. It's the best issue so far, which was confirmed by many folks who have read previous issues. Grab a copy while we still have them!

You can buy New British Comics issues from following online shoppes:
WJC shop

NBC are also available in following comics stores:
Orbital Comics (London)
Nostalgia & Comics (Birmingham)
World’s Apart (Liverpool)
Forbidden Planet Manchester


Allow us to introduce the third issue of that very special anthology, “New British Comics”!

Sure, we know it sounded crazy first and second time round, but....

Retailing at £4, New British Comics #3, with the super-chilled Lawrence Elwick on cover duties, once again sets out to prove just why the best comics are, well, New British Comics!

B5 format, 80 b/w pages!

For further information, please contact:

PL Contact: Karol Wiśniewski - karolwisnia@gmail.com

UK Contact: Rob Miller - badpresslimited@gmail.com


Available from: http://www.badpressltd.com

Blog: http://newbritishcomics.blogspot.com/


Cindy & Biscuit Save The World (again)
by Dan White

Alfred Hitchcock: Master of Suspense
by Lawrence Elwick & Paul O'Connell

Ink vs Paper by John Miers

Charlie Parker "Handyman": Animal Magnetism
by Lawrence Elwick & Paul O'Connell

Here Comes The Neighbourhood
by Matthew Craig & Richard Johnson

Better Living Through Distance
by Dave Thomson

The Quiet Burden
by Craig Collins & Iain Lauire

Luvvable Lex: Dirty 'N' Down
by Rob Miller

by Wilbur Dawbarn

Charlie Parker "Handyman": Skyscraper Lunch
by Lawrence Elwick & Paul O'Connell

by Van Nim

Von Trapp
by WJC

A Complex Machine
by David Ziggy Greene

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