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A WJC contest!

We have a special WJC-NBC competition today, so if you want to win a free copy of our anthology with a special sketch, and have some fun, just keep reading.

WJC stands for Warwick Johnson Cadwell, an incredibly talented creator whose stories were published in second and third issue of New British Comics and many others books. But what do we really know about WJC? Is his existence a fact or just a myth? Who is he? A family man from south of England or a creature from deep depths of the ocean? Or maybe he did come from the outer space?

It's time to learn the truth! And get a free copy of NBC #3 with an exclusive sketch (you can have a sneek peek on the bottom of the post) inside it, made by, the one and only, WJC. To get your hands on it, you have to:

1. Take a look on a picture below. It's really an auto portrait of WJC, who's hidden among many other people. Take a careful look, and decide which person is WJC.
2. Send a number which is next to the person you've chosen from the picture to karolwisnia@gmail.com. Please write 'WJC contest' as a subject of the e-mail - it will make my life a bit easier.
3. On 20th of June (Monday) we will reveal the truth on the blog, and draw a price winner from the people who have sent the right answer. We will contact him/her trough e-mail, and ask for his/her address. Then the prize shall be sent.

Click on the picture to view full sized version

To increase your chances we recommend doing a solid research on WJC by visiting his blog warwickjohnsoncadwell.blogspot.com. Who knows, maybe you already have met him during a comic convention, cruise on a boat, or fighting back a vampire in the wild west?

Good luck!

Sneek peek of the prize

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