czwartek, 10 listopada 2011

Tiny updates: 35mm, Comica Comiket, Biscuit

If you are looking for quality movie reviews, I recommend you to check It's an interesting mix of podcasts created by a small, yet dedicated team, and written reviews, published by Ryan Colucci who is an independent producer and writer in both movie and comic areas. By "independent" I don't mean "wannabe", Ryan is a professional, his next movie ("White Space") should be up for release next year. Anyway, his profession gives a nice, fresh perspective on reviewed movies, both new and old.

Every contributor of NBC seemed to do a lot in the last few months, so please just start clicking links on the right for updates (lazy, lazy, lazy). Many of them will be present at Comica Comiket including John Miers, WJC, Van Nim, Paul O'Connell & Lawrence Elwick!

In case you've missed it: had a special with Biscuit, the character from "Cindy & Biscuit Save The World (again)" published in NBC #3 and "CINDY & BISCUIT no.1".

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