wtorek, 24 stycznia 2012

Double contest!

We're very pleased to announce a double NBC contest. Yes, that's right, two contests mean you got two chances to win a copy of "New British Comics #3" with special drawn dedication from Lawrence Elwick who made the cover of the anthology.

The winner of each contest will receive a copy of NBC #3, and if he/she/it sends a picture themselves Lawrence will do a picture of them inside the book. You can also request a picture with one of the characters from the book which Lawrence co-created with Paul O'Connell.

Ready? Let's start! First, you need to take a look on the cover of NBC #3.

NBC #3 cover - please click to view the large version

Contest #1

Name all the characters (animals too!) which appear on the cover of NBC #3.

There's not that many of them, so the winner will be drawn from a group which has provided list of all characters, or a person drawn from a group which sends the highest number of correct names.

Contest #2

Take a look on the NBC #3 cover again. All of the characters there have British roots. All but one. Can you tell which?

Again, the winner will be drawn from all correct answers.

Please send answers to karolwisnia@gmail.com with "NBC #3 contest" as a subject. The contests will close on the 7th of February 2012. Please note that you can participate in both contests (or just one if that's your wish), but you can have only entry each.

Good luck!

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