piątek, 17 lutego 2012


And here we go!

Contest #1

Name all the characters (animals too!) which appear on the cover of NBC #3.

Answer(s): Charlie Parker, Mary Poppins, Charlie Chaplin, Alfred
Hitchock, Dormouse from 'Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, the seagull and the peach from Roald Dahl's 'James and The giant peach'.

The question proved to be rather hard. Nobody guessed all the names, and "The seagull and the peach" appeared to be the toughest to get. Nonetheless we picked the winner with biggest 'score': Daniel Farrell! Congratulations Daniel!

Contest #2

Take a look on the NBC #3 cover again. All of the characters there have British roots. All but one. Can you tell which?

Answer: Charlie Parker.

This was the easier contest, nobody has sent a wrong answer. So we had to draw a winner and his name is... Dickon Harris! Congratulations!

Thank you all for taking part in the contest!

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