środa, 31 lipca 2013

Cindy & Biscuit no. 3

Have you checked Dan White's blog yet? No? Then click there! Dan is a busy guy/human being/beast, who is, after mastering the art of milking the cat, publishing great Cindy & Biscuit strips on the blog (also featured in NBC #3). Right now it seems he's taken a tiny break, but it's worth to check all the past episodes.

I own most of small press titles in which Dan has appeared, so I can honestly recommend his works, although some of titles are in the 3xOUT zone: sold out, out of print, out of reach. I guess that's a tiny downside of small press titles. Too many great stories can't reach public, because they've been published years ago in a zine printed in 200 copies. Like "Escape from January" which featured brillant strips by Dan, Neil Evans and other artists. A real gem published in 2009, I got a copy from Neil Evans who kindly sent me one - but the rest of humanity will never enjoy it. It's a pity...

OK, enough of my ramblings... Just wanted to tell you Cindy and Biscuit no. 3, the latest collection of Dan White's works, has been published not so long ago. By the way, that Dan is also a regular contributor on Mindless Ones blog/podcast!

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