niedziela, 25 marca 2012

Constantine and Hi-Ex

New British Comics and Polygobooks (the "label" under which NBC is published) will be present at Hi-Ex in Inverness (31st March and 1st April 2012). On our table, shared with Braw Books, you will find not only all previous issues of New British Comics, but also brand new mini-comic "Constantine Comes Back Home" created by Katarzyna Witerscheim. Plus, we gonna have copies of "Harbor Moon" signed by its creator, Ryan Colucci!

"Constantine Comes Back Home" is a "The Best of" collection of an eponymous webcomic created by Katarzyna "Miss N." Witerscheim, and has been published in 2005-2009. The story, put together as a series of loosely linked episodes, contains everyday adventures of the main character and the people he meets on his life’s path. A bit naive, a little sad, full of hope nonetheless.

Constantine Comes Back Home
by Katarzyna Witerscheim
24 pages, b/w interiors

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