środa, 4 kwietnia 2012

Where's North From Here?

David Z. Greene has set up a fundraising campaign to raise the funds for printing, promotion and distribution to the shops of his newest book. I've just put down my order for the book, and I hope you'll take a minute of your time to check his pitch and animated preview.

It’s my ‘second difficult album’ of collected short stories.
'Where's North From Here?' is another 70 page dish of short, stupid stories featuring stolen records, table tennis, Mexican gods, massages, wrestling, a daft punk and more.
Goats, booze, suspense, heartache, laughter, goose-pimples, sweaty palms, running nose and deep cerebral stimulation are also guaranteed.

As for the quality of the work in the book, all I can say is it will be the single most greatest publication known to mankind since ‘Building Self-Confidence for Dummies’.

My previous book ‘Swimming With Shoes On’ seemed to be enjoyed but pretty much most people who wanted to throw me their opinion. It received great reviews, warranted a French publication and sold out of 4 print runs.
(A 5th printing is on it’s way.)

There’s different ways to contribute with some extra bits too. But it could just take £7 ($11) to help.
If you can help in anyway by pre-ordering the book or even spreading this news over the web, I would be forever grateful.
Please have a look here and see what you think....

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