sobota, 26 października 2013

Borderline Press = 566 Frames + Zombre

A new publisher has arisen. It's Borderline Press! The first book from the publisher is out just now: 566 frames by Dennis Wojda.

The second book by Borderline Press will be a Zombie-themed anthology called Zombre. Check out list of contributors: Nathan Castle, Andrew Cheverton, Peter Clack, Gord Drynan, Jay Eales, Mal Earl, Ash Fielder, James Firkins, Kelvin Green, Sarah Hardy, Jamie Lewis, Nigel Lowrey, Andy Luke, Baden James Mellonie, David Metcalfe-Carr, Mitz, Michael Norwitz, Kieran O'Gorman, Nick O'Gorman, Krzystof Ostrowski, Phil Buckenham, Joanna Sanecka, Craig Sherbert, Matthew Smyth, Si Spencer, Adam Steel, Richard Whitaker, Kel Winser, Kim Winter, Dennis Wojda and Richard Worth.

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Phill Hall 29 października 2013 11:34 - for updated information!

dziękuję :)

Narendra Jeet 13 listopada 2013 11:33

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