poniedziałek, 2 grudnia 2013


Amazing Nelson Evergreen has drawn the illustration for the front cover of 4.2.3 - a short comic story written by Ryan Colucci, drawn by Jann Gallino and colored by Anna Jarmolowska. The short comic is available online for free and I hope you will enjoy it.

4.2.3. is a prequel to the graphic novel R.E.M. on which I've worked as a co-editor and letterer with Ryan Colucci (writer) and Zsombor Huszka (art). It's a great story about a loss of somebody we loved, and things we're trying to do to fill the emptiness inside us. The book also explores sleep and possibilities of living without the neccesity of entering Sandman's domain every day.

If you're not intrigued yet, please tell me: which comic book has also a short movie as a prequel?

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