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Contest - Konkurs

Some info about an international drawing competition organized in Poland. Nice theme and prizes - definitely wort a try.

Solidarity Festival 2009

Take part in the competition and Draw your freedom.

European Solidarity Centre would like to invite you to take part in the comics competition Draw your Freedom. Draw your solidarity. We are waiting for the comics concerning the two motifs: Freedom and Solidarity. This two terms are supposed to be meant in a very wide context: philosophical, social, political or economical, but also in it's basic meaning. It doesn't have to be connected with big ideas or history. Our aim is to inspire you to draw a comics, that could be a medium of your free expression. So let's draw your freedom!

Two competition categories:

- comic story of 4 boards maximum content

- cartoon


- First prize for a comic: 8 000 PLN gross (approx. 1724 Euro*)

- Second prize for a comic: 5 000 PLN gross ( approx. 1077 Euro*)

- Eight awards for comic: 500 PLN gross (approx. 107 Euro*)

- First prize for satirical cartoon: 2 000 PLN gross (approx. 431 Euro*)

* according to rate 1 Euro=4,64 PLN (so it can chage...).

Works are to be sent until 30th June 2009 on the address of European Solidarity Centre

Project called Draw your freedom. Draw your solidarity is a part of Festival of Solidarity 2009.

The Festival takes place between 14th and 31st August and is organized by European Solidarity Center. The main idea behind the event is to present the comic art as a different way to show interpretation of freedom: from freedom of art, freedom of speech to political freedom. It is the example of history of polish pop culture where one can easily observe the “freedom” aspect of so called sequential art.

Full statute of contest and additional information:
here |
www.ecs.gda.pl/comix | www.myspace.com/drawfreedom | comix@ecs.gda.pl


European Solidarity Center
ul. Doki 1
80-958 Gdańsk
tel. (+48 58) 767-79-71
fax: (+48 58) 767 79 78
mobile: (+48) 501 833 143


European Solidarity Center


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Media patronage:

Aleja Komiksu

Podrzucam link do konkursu "Draw your Freedom. Draw your Solidarity". Ciekawy temat, niezłe pieniądze do wygrania i spora liczba nagród. Warto spróbować - towarzystwo będzie międzynarodowe.

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